Shelley Irish @ BendNMove

August 14, 2014

Through passionate color and visionary storytelling, I infuse classically rendered oil paintings with transcendental exploration. During each painting I create, I ask this painting how it can be a translation between the wisdom of the immaterial world and the beauty of the material plane. This is my only requirement, to ask and paint the answer.

Shelley Irish

Visionary Oil Paintings & Sacred D├ęcor

BendNMove is located at 3270 California Ave SW

Rajaa Gharbi @ Ginomai Art Center

August 14, 2014

Rajaa Gharbi is an international visual and literary artist. She was born and raised in Tunisia and was a national puppet theatre artist there until she moved to Morocco where she has lived and worked for five years. 

She has been holding solo exhibitions and participating as featured artist in group shows in USA galleries, universities and museums since 1984. Gharbi’s painting and literary works have been published, presented, critiqued and anthologized by art curators and scholars from the United States, the Middle East and Africa, including Tunisia’s National Television, radio and print media, National Public Radio (NPR), the Espace Culturel at the embassy of Tunisia, Washington DC, Cairo University, Egypt, Rutgers, Columbia and Seattle Universities, and Connecticut College, Bumbershoot's International Readers program, Seattle’s Municipal Tower Art Gallery, Central Library, The Northwest African-American Museum, the Museum of History and Industry, Elliott Bay Book Company, Langston Hughes Arts Center, Town Hall, l’Alliance Francaise, Edmonds’, Washington Black Box Theatre, and other art venues and publishers.

Gharbi’s surrealistic paintings start out as impulsive renditions of thoughts and intuitions and become somewhat more conscious visual narratives that have been described as having subversive compositional techniques, resplendent, enchanting, thought-provoking, engaging, visual poetry.

“I paint with layers of water based acrylics and inks, pencil and glass. Mythologies, hidden music and stories of almost-bygone or still alive languages, music itself, and human experience and its poetics inspire most of my paintings. Faces of mother nature, be they the infinite hues of my native Mediterranean’s turquoise waters, shifting golds and dreamy mauves of sunsets and sunrises, the singular red of human and animal blood, or the magnetic tones of green in any healthy forest or neighborhood garden often influence my palette”.

Gharbi is a member of the Tunisian Union of Fine Artists, the Academy of American Poets and Poetas del Mundo, Washington Lawyers for the Arts, and Antioch University Alumni Council. She is a contributing artist to PONCHO, West Edge Sculpture and Artist Trust.

Ginomai Art Center is located at 4401 42nd Ave SW

Sam Pierce @ Sound Point Real Estate LLC

August 14, 2014

Sam Pierce: Athlete, Painter and Singer: Sam is part of the West Seattle Community and is displaying his art for art lovers. When it was time to move on from basketball Sam filled his time with art and singing. You will be able to find him from time to time playing blues here and there, but you can now see his wonderfully vivid artwork @ the Sound Point Real Estate office.

Sound Point is a well establish luxury boutique real estate brokerage that has recently expanded into West Seattle.

Please stop by and enjoy some wonderful treats, drinks and good company.

Sound Point Real Estate LLC is located at 4044a California Ave SW

Rakesh Malik @ Vue Apartments

August 14, 2014

Artist Bio
I am one of those oddball photographers who actually uses natural light for nearly all of my photography. I am also in a small minority for the fact that I don’t go hiking without my large format camera; it’s one of those old time box cameras like you’ve seen in pre-World War II films. Sure, I bring my digital camera on my outings as well, but I’ve found that nothing can match the image quality of the big film camera. 
Most lightweight backpackers bring shelter, something to sleep in and a tiny point-and-click camera. I add to that, a large metal box with bellows (pleated leather like on an accordion), several lenses, film the size of a postcard, and a sturdy tri-pod. It’s not uncommon for me to lug 60 lbs of gear for 30 miles up the side of a mountain. It’s worth it. For someone else, it might seem like a constraint, but I find that it allows me to be more creative and get far better photos. 
My clients appreciate my photographs for their vibrant color; range of tones; and exquisite detail. I often hear that my images are like windows that inspire the viewer to get outside. There are many photographers who do much of the image making after the photo is taken. That’s one approach, but I don’t rely on Photoshop or other software to create the gem, I use Photoshop only to polish it. 
I’ve hiked the Adirondack and Catskill Mountains, Shenendoah National Park, The Grand Canyon and throughout the Pacific Northwest. My images reflect both the majesty and the intricacy that I love about the natural world.

Vue Apartments is located at 3261 SW Avalon Way

Flynn Bickley, Serrah Russell, and Joana Stillwell @ ArtsWest

August 14, 2014

This Is the Way brings together work by Seattle artists Flynn Bickley, Serrah Russell and Joana Stillwell.

Flynn Bickley’s handmade dolls are perhaps what people would look like if their histories, secrets, dreams, and genders were plainly visible on their faces and bodies. Human forms (though possibly with antlers or hooves) are created with sculpey, painted with acrylic, and then dressed intricately in tiny handmade clothes. A female to male transsexual whose innocent childhood rebellions included chopping Barbie’s hair and putting her in Ken’s clothes, Bickley uses the dolls as a way to see himself in the world and empathize with others. The dolls are not stock characters—there is no villain or princess; each doll is a unique embodiment of the subtleties of human conditions.

Serrah Russell’s collages capture moments in time in the abstract parallel world where ocean might be taped to sky or hands might hold the longing of an airplane window. Her use of the medium of collage is fluent and expansive, and includes cut and pasted found imagery, instant film and digital photography. Reckoning absence as much as the tangible world, she seamlessly extends collage into three-dimensional sculptural space, time, and memory.

Joana Stillwell’s videos are meditations on what she finds herself doing when she’s not doing anything; in turn, they become thoughtful examinations of the medium of video, of herself as a self-conscious subject, and of her activities as stand-ins for herself. In Trying to Find Joy in the Studio, light-refracting bubbles float through a textured white wall looking in on itself. In Diamond Dust, we are inside the night sky of a snow globe that is shaken by the artist. The videos sanction playful boredom and transform it into another place—one where we are reminded of the everything in nothing.

What prompted the inclusion of these three artists in this exhibition was a sentiment that all three expressed in their artist statements of their work being simply, and non-judgmentally, a recording of what they encounter in themselves and in their worlds. The title comes from the song This Is the Way by Devendra Banhart, which goes:

This is the way
I share my breakfast
This is the way
I serve my sentence
This is the way
I’m always leaving
This is the soft
Voice of the evening
This is the way
I hear my father
These are the flames
That drown the water

Please join us for the reception and artist talks on Thursday August 28 from 6-9pm!
Exhibition runs through September 27.

ArtsWest is located at 4711 California Ave SW

Meg Johnson @ Capers

August 14, 2014

Through art, Meg explores both the expanse and the boundary of the human existence in nature. Meg is captivated by the dichotomy that the individual is an insignificant being within the cosmos, yet the individual is extraordinary within one's own life. 

Images whose interpretation depend on the observer's perspective are peppered throughout her work; whether an aspect of her work is understood to be a grand concept or a minute detail of life depends on the standpoint of the viewer.

Capers is located at 4525 California Ave SW

Kathleen Lopez @ Two Brothers Winery

August 14, 2014

Two Brothers Winery presents the art of Kathleen Lopez.

We will be having a wine tasting with 20% off sales the night of the art walk. Come celebrate August Art Walk and Kathleen’s art.

Two Brothers Winery is located at 3902 1/2 California Ave SW

Akiko Masker @ Wallflower Custom Framing

August 14, 2014

Akiko Masker is currently interested in blending traditional Japanese aesthetic values with Western art techniques.

More than meets the eye
Drawn to the highly visual images of Japanese Buddhism, she explores this iconography while implementing traditional Western art techniques.

Forms move in nature
She's inspired by how geometric and organic forms move in nature. Through her visual exploration, she hopes to bring the abstract understanding of time, space and matter into consciousness.

Masker is a practicing visual artist and is represented by the Bryan Ohno Gallery, Seattle, WA where her work is currently on display.

Wallflower Custom Framing is located at 4735 42nd Ave SW

Ginomai Group Show @ Ginomai Artist Studios

August 14, 2014

Welcome to Ginomai 

Ginomai is our artist community that is housed across the street from our main
building. Our artist community is a small, yet thriving, group of like-minded people who are helping to shape our world through the power of art.

We will be opening up our artist studios to welcome you to a fine array of art from paintings to fine hand-crafted jewelry.

Ginomai Artist Studios are located at 4200 42nd Ave SW

Dina Potter @ Hotwire Online Coffeehouse

August 14, 2014

Seattle Artist Dina Potter will be showcasing all new abstract art works as part of the West Seattle Art Walk at Hotwire Online Coffee House in West Seattle in August 2014. A one-month exhibit, the opening Art Walk event is always a festive evening of art, music, fun & friends!

In Her Own Words...

"The inspiration for my art comes from many elements: music, sounds, and the visuals of everyday life. I am fascinated by shapes found in nature and daily life, exaggerating those shapes and making them my own in each art piece. Using the elements of line, shape, form, texture, color and space, I seek to create the illusion of depth, bold movement, and rhythmic, flowing pattern in each of my art creations.
I enjoy the discussion that each piece evokes, and generating an emotional response from people who view my art. Pursuing painting and continuing to create new works of art has sparked an element of creativity to my life that I am immensely enjoying. Sharing my art with collectors and helping them to compliment the interiors of their homes and businesses is a true joy.”
Hotwire Online Coffeehouse is located at 4410 California Ave SW

Alexander Riding @ Chaco Canyon Organic Cafe LLC

August 14, 2014

Artist, sculptor, & writer, Alexander Riding, grew up outside of Port Angeles. Everyday he was faced with the mysteries of the dark woods, and haunting creatures within. In this isolated environment, his imagination was fed daily by the mere act of play and what he could create on his own. And when he was older, he began to express his deep, inner feeling. 

First there was the writing, and he wrote of worlds and times beyond the simplicity of what we know. He received his Bachelor's degree in writing at Bard College of New York. Next were the paintings, and he became committed to creating living pictures. Nothing short of this, you can see in his detailed paintings that there are many creatures with many feelings. 

He isn't creating a comfortable drawing for your living room. He is creating a hybrid creature that feels, thinks, and breathes within the frame. When you look into his work, you are held in such a way like staring into someone's eyes. You are uncomfortable and uncertain, and undoubtedly captivated. 

Finally, his sculptures. Strange, sharpened shapes, animated and ready to make your living room a true LIVING room. Bring life into your life with these exotic works of art and you will shock all your friends while still being the talk of the town. Bring these hybrid creatures of the places unknown into your world, because you don't just want a pretty picture to admire, you want to have something that is self-sustaining, exotic, and always looking back at you.

Chaco Canyon will have one sculpture and several paintings features in the community room and cafe lobby. 

Willa Junkinsmith @ Cupcake Royale

August 14, 2014

Artist Bio
My name is Willa Junkinsmith. I am 23, and I am from Seattle. I have been drawing ever since I was a little kid, but I only really started painting a few years ago. I took one painting class in college where I learned how to use oil paint and how to gesso a canvas. When I first started painting I was really self-conscious about it because it seemed like everyone else in the class had better technique than I did. I used too many colors and I was messy. I talked to my professor and he showed me Giacometti and told me that it was more important to be able to recognize one’s art than to be good at imitating someone else’s. 
My style of painting has changed since then quite a bit, but I still use a lot of bright colors, and I am messy. I love oils because you can make colors change into other colors, and it is a good exercise in patience because you have to wait forever for it to dry. The inspiration for the subjects in my paintings come from everywhere: 
books that I read, other peoples art, and just everyday life experiences where I see things that I think are beautiful, like saxophones and rats and bones, the human body, and nature. 

B. Perreault @ HomeStreet Bank

August 14, 2014

Blending and layering with acrylic paint is a theme throughout B. Perreault's work. She captures intentional movement with energizing brush strokes. Inspiration is drawn from the vibrant colors of a Pacific Northwest sunset. Her ability to pull from sky to canvas offers a whimsical abstract journey.

Free cookies, coffee and light refreshments will be served.

Mary Denend @ West Seattle Cellars

August 14, 2014

We’ve had such a great response to Mary’s art, we are continuing her show for another month. Our free tasting on Art Walk Thursday will feature wines from Greece, one of the oldest wine producing regions in the world and one enjoying quite a renaissance. Join us from 5:30 to 9:00 to sample some exciting wines while you enjoy Mary’s artwork.

Artist Bio

After years of exploration, the encaustic medium drew me in and continues to allure with its versatility, fluidness, and beeswax scent. Being a shutterbug with a passion for travel, nature, and art, I find that encaustics is a perfect medium to mix it all together. My photo-encaustics, expressive landscapes, abstracts, and collages are created from a melding of images from the places I have been. This show is mostly photo-encaustics, incorporating photos I took during a month-long sojourn in South Africa.

Encaustics (which means “burn in”) is a centuries old art form. The paints are a mixture of beeswax, damar resin, and pigment. After each molten layer is applied it is fused to the surface or prior layer (I use wooden panel boards) with a torch, heat gun, iron or other heated tool. My encaustic work incorporates all the elements — earth, fire, air and water.

West Seattle Cellars is located at 6026 California Ave. SW

Layne Cook at Wild Rose's

August 14, 2014

Layne is a retired kitchen designer who has been painting prolifically since her retirement in 2001. The paintings shown at Wild Rose's exemplify work from a number of genres-landscapes, figurative, still life and old trucks.

Wild Rose's is located at 4529 California Ave SW

Boundaries at Twilight Gallery & Boutique

August 14, 2014

August 14th - September 8th, 2014

Opening Thursday Aug 14th from 6-9pm during the West Seattle Art Walk

Boundaries are guidelines, rules or limits created to identify what are reasonable, safe, or permissible ways for people to behave around each other. Sometimes we create boundaries, sometimes boundaries are created for us. The show will explore how these boundaries are upheld, crossed, or broken.

Featuring work by Laura Castellanos, Mary Coss, Levi Hastings, Tim Manthey, Naoko Morisawa, Hanna Myers, Lynn Schirmer, Siolo Thompson, and Kate Vrijmoet.

Curated by Jody Joldersma

View more at the artist website

Twilight Gallery & Boutique is located at 4306 SW Alaska St.

Unified Outreach at Ginomai Art Center

August 14, 2014

Unified Outreach (Youth Programming) cartoon animation and video production studio is located on the 2nd floor of the Ginomai Art Center located at 4401 42nd Ave SW.

The program is home to the Summer & Winter break "Animating Cartoons" day camp as well as the Summer "Work Training in the Arts" programs which will feature a all-ages musical performance by Rap artist TYRONE on August 23rd and the annual Youth Fashion Show on August 30th.

Stop by to meet staff and check out the facility!

Unified Outreach is located at 4401 42nd Ave SW (2nd Floor)

Renowned Rock Photographer Jini Dellaccio at Easy Street Records and Cafe

July 10, 2014

Renowned Rock Photographer Jini Dellaccio Dies At 97

We are saddened to announce the death of Northwest photographer Jini Dellaccio, whose iconic photos of '60s Northwest bands and national touring acts were unique in every sense of the word. 

Born in 1917, Jini began her career as a fashion photographer in Long Beach, CA, before moving with her husband to Gig Harbor in 1958. While in the process of launching her own commercial photography business in 1962, Jini landed an exhibition at the Tacoma Art Museum. 

Her work caught the interest of a PR man for the hottest rock band in the area at the time, The Wailers, who were seeking a fresh new look for the design of their forthcoming album. Her photos of the band, shot in two Tacoma parks, were remarkably sophisticated, and her photos graced the next two Wailers albums, Wailers, Wailers Everywhere and Out of Our Tree.

She enjoyed the experience so much that she began attending local shows and setting up photo sessions with other NW bands such as The Sonics (cover photos for Here Are The Sonics, Sonics Boom & Introducing The Sonics), Daily Flash, Don & The Goodtimes and many others. 

She also documented national touring acts when they came to town - The Who, The Yardbirds and Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels were among the many she shot. Jini's journey in becoming America's first woman rock & roll photographer is chronicled in the recent documentary, Her Aim Is True.

Easy Street is currently hosting the only exhibition of Jini's groundbreaking photographs currently on display. Come visit our cafe and see the history of Northwest rock & roll unfold before your eyes!

Jini Dellaccio @ Easy Street Records is located at 4559 California Ave. SW.

Mindy Carpenter at Capers

July 10, 2014

My name is Mindy Carpenter. I love painting, writing, wonderful stationery, the ocean, all things nautical, funny animals, travel, books, vintage treasures, pastries, cafes & I especially love all these things at the same time, which is how Carpe Diem Papers was born. I started painting in 2009 in Sausalito, CA with a fabulous painting instructor for fun, because it called me, the colors, texture of paint, meditative process & the sweet time I had hanging out on Sunday afternoons at the ICB Building, an extraordinary artist’s community on Richardson Bay. I literally sat on the dock of the bay and thought, one day I will do this full time.
Travels & life & very fun years in the gift & stationery business has brought me to Ashland, OR where I still love all of the above but now paint in a studio affectionately called “the living room”, amidst tall trees, & a stunning vista of the Rogue Valley. Art & business & following your heart have always been my dream equation. I offer you greeting cards & paper goods made with so much love, a happy paintbrush & lots of laughter in the background. 
Carpe Diem Papers is an illustrated life. My paintings have a childlike innocence, imaginative color palette, & a sweetness & fondness for the little things in our journey that make us happy. A dear pet, in clothing, of course, vintage treasures, nautical imagery, sweet treats, coffee cups & cozy chairs to savor life. Making someone’s mailbox happy makes me happy. Send mail. Write x’s and o’s. Buy good stamps. Tell someone hello, thinking of you through the mail. You don’t need a reason.
Thank you for joining me on this creative journey. It’s a story of following your heart and seeing what’s on the other end of the yellow brick road. Carpe Diem.
Love, Mindy xo

Mindy Carpenter @ Capers is located at 4525 California Ave. SW.

S. Tudyk at Click! Design That Fits

July 10, 2014

Portland artist S. Tudyk brings her Land Marks series to Click!:

once bright and clean and flashy 
on the scene
experienced in their field 

now pushed on to the next level of life
able to be still and enjoy nature and their surroundings

great structures still standing 
like proud pillars, 
artifacts from another time

they have lost their original purpose
they have evolved 

no longer owned by advertising
often overlooked by the fast-pace-of-lifers
their original message and purpose has shifted
they have grown into themselves, 
embraced their own beautiful decay and entropy
no longer caring what others see

they are a pause button sometimes found
living a quiet existence 
in the midst of life’s racing time

Also during Art Walk, Click! proprietress Frances Smersh will be introducing new jewelry designs. Select pieces from her current line will be half price while they last!

Bethany Alsin at Shadowland

July 10, 2014

Artist Bio

My name is Bethany Alsin. I am a self-taught artist dwelling in gorgeous Seattle, Washington. The story began when I was in high school struggling to escape my small hometown. I thought a private art school in a big NW city would be a lovely start. I couldn't afford it so I thought maybe if I got a full-ride scholarship for my portfolio I could go. 

I never even applied. Some art school rep told me the way in was painting twenty hours a week to get ready for the pressure. I picked up this habit at seventeen. Once I found the internal drive to paint within those expectations, I realized I already gained everything I needed. I made it up here to my dream city on my own.

I started painting during my Sophomore year of high school. Since my Junior year of high school I have put on nineteen art shows and completed my debut painting series of fifteen works "Pick Your Poison: Great Muses of the Twentieth Century." 

I am a few years older now and am concocting my next series with the perspective of my real-world experiences that accompany working in the bottom of the class system rather than looking down on it from an ivory tower. "Self-taught" doesn't necessarily mean uneducated.

Bethany Alsin @ Shadowland is located at 4458 California Ave. SW. 

Denise Parrish at Ginomai

July 10, 2014

Artist Bio

I feel like the craft queen of West Seattle because of the fun I have making original jewelry with beads from around the world, Swarovski crystals, fresh water pearls, sterling and 14K gold-filled findings.

I also design my own greeting cards, have collectible dolls available from the 1980s (Madame Alexander, Royal, and Marjorie Spangler).

And I have hundreds of items under $20.

Come and visit in July, August and September at Ginomai at 42nd and Genesee - only one block east of California Ave. SW.

Denise Parrish @ Ginomai is located at 4401 42nd Ave SW

Southwest Historical Society at Hotwire Online Coffeehouse

July 10, 2014

Can it really be 30 years since the high-level West Seattle Bridge fully opened to the public? 

Hotwire Online Coffeehouse and other West Seattle businesses are collaborating with the Southwest Seattle Historical Society to create a series of 30th anniversary events this summer called "Bridging the Gap"!

Catch us at Summerfest too this weekend and be a part of community history.

Southwest Historical Society @ Hotwire Online Coffeehouse is located at 4410 California Ave SW.

Janet Ramble at Wildrose's Home Furnishings

July 10, 2014

Janet is a West Seattle oil painter who specializes in Northwest landscapes, gardens, and wildlife (including pets).

Please stop by for a glass of wine, nice music, and lots of fun things to see.

Janet Ramble @ Wildrose's Home Furnishings is located at 4529 California Ave SW.

Dolores Marquez at Vue Apartments

July 10, 2014

Dolores Marquez @ Vue Apartments is located at 3261 SW Avalon Way

Ginomai Collective Show at Ginomai Artists

July 10, 2014

Ginomai will be showcasing four artists for the July art show. We hope you'll stop by and sample some local art. Jewelry, paintings, stamp projects and children's art.

Ginomai is our artist community that is housed across the street from our main building. Our artist community is a small, yet thriving, group of like-minded people who are helping to shape our world through the power of art.

Ginomai Collective Show @ Ginomai Artists is located at 4200 42nd and Genesee

Paul Gasoi at Meeples Games

July 10, 2014

Meeples Games, the new gaming cafe in West Seattle will be featuring art by Paul Gasoi. When we were planning the store we wanted to continue the tradition of amazing murals in West Seattle and commissioned artist Paul to paint a game/Seattle/NW piece for our store.

The piece is called Cosmic Interstice Chess and was installed and unveiled on Sunday July 6 at 4:30 PM. The three canvas pieces together are approximately 12’ x 6’.

About Meeples Games

Meeples Games opened on May 17, 2014, in our brand new space. We are located on the second floor of the Charlestown Center, 3727 California Ave SW #2B (West Seattle, Washington).

Hours: Sunday – Thursday 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM Friday – Saturday 10:00 AM – midnight

Contact Information: (206) 535-7896
West Seattle’s Meeples Games is a friendly local gaming cafe for table-top gamers between the Alaska and Admiral Junctions. Meeples Games’ staff includes experts in board games, collectible card games, role-playing games and miniatures. We offer sales of games and accessories, a cafe with well-lit play space, food and beverages and a tournament area (the Thunderdome!). We support drop-in play, tournaments and private events.

The Mana Cafe features local brews on tap, wine, Jones Soda, and True North coffee and espresso. Seasonal, healthy and delicious sharable game-appropriate snacks, pastries and sandwiches highlighting Seattle purveyors are available all day. Tables in the cafe provide seating for 30 and are usually available on a first-come first-serve basis but reservations for special occasions will be considered.

The Thunderdome competitive play / tournament area provides seating for 36 and is open throughout our business hours. Tables may be reserved by Meeples for organized play events (see our event schedule) or reserved by customers (send us an email with your request), and will be open-play at other times. We have lockers available to stow your gear while you are playing at Meeples.

This is your store and your community and we want you to be involved! Have a special request? We’ll get it for you. Ideas about events? Tell us and we’ll make it happen. Want to contribute game reviews? Yes, please! Want to post your own game top ten list? There’s a place for that!

Learn more about Meeples Games Vision, Games, and Proprietor

Parking And Access:

There is a parking lot for customers to use for up to 90 minutes (we share with our neighbors).  If you plan to stay longer than that (we hope you do), please park on the street.
Please consider carpooling if you are coming by car.

Meeples is served by bus routes #50 and #128 which run down California Ave SW in front of our building.

Meeples Games is ADA accessible.  Access to the second floor is available via the elevator located at the south end of the parking lot.

Paul Gasoi @ Meeples Games is located at 3727 California Ave SW #2B

The Animals Show at ArtsWest

July 10, 2014

This exhibition came to be because the panel reviewing artists’ submissions last May (consisting of Matthew Offenbacher, Gail Gibson, Susie Lee and myself) was particularly taken with Night Lady by Jean Burnett, a Puyallup artist none of us had heard of before. Night Lady is a manipulated photograph of a majestic cheetah drawn in smoke or magic, emerging from dramatic fiery swirls. Matt suggested that I curate an “animals” show around this piece, which we all emphatically agreed was a great idea.

With Night Lady at the helm, the Animals show took shape naturally, with artists from different backgrounds, unique reasons for making the work they do, and different audiences for their work. The nine artists in Animals explore our human relationships to animals in a variety of ways that make us consider how we use and portray our fellow creatures.

Gina Coffman collected dried slugs when she was eleven in 1988 and then they sat in her parents’ Bellingham house for over twenty years until she photographed them in 2012. 

Joseph Flood’s dinosaur chariot is driven by an ancient Egyptian. 

Sean Gallagher works with materials and traditions passed down to him from his family–ancient inhabitants of the arctic–to create dance masks such as Walrus Dance Mask, in which “reverence for the animal is intrinsically understood, expressed through dance.” 

Thorly James’s otters peek out of the wall as though popping up to play. 

Ada McAllister uses light-handed watercolor brushwork to capture beloved pets in portraits. 

Stacey Neumiller paints iconic goats that preside over idyllic farmland. 

Brenda Scallon’s Always a Cockatoo in a Parakeet Cage was done in response to a story by Rosebud Ben Oni. 

Tim Suchsland’s panda bears, elephants, and tigers eating human limbs float via collage on an abstract expressionist backdrop.

- Susanna Bluhm, Gallery Director

The Animals Show @ ArtsWest is located at 4711 California Ave SW.

Unified Outreach at Ginomai Art Center

July 10, 2014

Stop by the Unified Outreach Youth-Arts Production Studios located in the Ginomai Building/2nd Floor. Home of the Unified Outreach Cartoon Animation Day Camps, Work Training in the Arts Fashion & Runway programs, Comic Book & Newspaper programs, and so much more!

Unified Outreach @ Ginomai Art Center is located at 4401 42nd Ave SW.

David Rosen at HomeStreet Bank

July 10, 2014

David Rosen is a professional photographer and is the owner of SlickPix Photography.

David was born in Seattle and grew up in the Roanoke Park neighborhood but now resides in West Seattle. He first started taking photos when he was two years old but got more into it when he was in high school. In 2006, David started his own photography business called SlickPix Photography.

He also works for the West Seattle Herald as a breaking news photojournalist and often responds to calls involving car accidents, house fires, and other breaking news stories as well as creating fantastic photos. He has been with Robinson Newspapers for over four years.

David’s work has been featured all over Seattle, including photos on all of the local news media stations, in print for the Seattle Times, and has photos published in the Space Needle's 50th anniversary book.

Light refreshments, coffee & cookies will be served

HomeStreet Bank is located at 4022 SW Alaska St.

Jessica Creager at Wallflower Custom Framing

July 10, 2014

This small body of compact works represents Creager's consistent conversation with her medium.

She looks for the textures on the underbellies of things, coercing them into vibrant realism in two dimensions.

The pieces, while diminutive, are the result of grand ideas being met with a steady hand and extraordinary talent. Settle into the simple and sumptuous of her work. 

Pieces will fit perfectly into the tiny empty wall spaces, completing any "unfinished business" of decorating or home furnishing. 

This show runs Thursday, July 10th, through Tuesday, August 12th.

Don't miss The Puny Show at Summer Fest! It begins a matter of moments after the Gala!

See us at Summer Fest, transforming a boring 10x10 booth into an Art Gallery, fit to house the Puny works of 15 local artists! Stop in for a visit, framing specials and festival-only deals await! Plus, you'll get your Puny ON.

Wallflower Custom Framing is located at 4735 42nd Ave SW.

Mary Denend at West Seattle Cellars

July 10, 2014

Mary Denend:
After years of exploration, the encaustic medium drew me in and continues to allure with its versatility, fluidness, and beeswax scent. Being a shutterbug with a passion for travel, nature, and art, I find that encaustics is a perfect medium to mix it all together. My photo-encaustics, expressive landscapes, abstracts, and collages are created from a melding of images from the places I have been. This show will be mostly photo-encaustics, incorporating photos I took during a month-long sojourn in South Africa, traveling from the mountains to the sea and witnessing incredible beauty as well as despair. 
Encaustics (which means “burn in”) is a centuries old art form. The paints are a mixture of beeswax, damar resin, and pigment. After each molten layer is applied it is fused to the surface or prior layer (I use wooden panel boards) with a torch, heat gun, iron or other heated tool. My encaustic work incorporates all the elements — earth, fire, air and water.

Tying in with the theme of this month’s artwork, our free tasting on Art Walk Thursday will feature South African wines! Join us from 5:30 to 9:00 to sample a wide variety of wines showcasing what South Africa is producing today, while you enjoy Mary’s artwork inspired by her travels there.

West Seattle Cellars is located at 6026 California Ave. SW.