Cris Miller @ BendnMove

March 12, 2015

BendnMove is happy to feature the art of Cris Miller with a charity fundraiser for Nepal Seeds.

Mother and Child - Tanzania

Los Cuernos - Patagonia Chile

Tibetan Pony - Kingdom of Mustang, Nepal

Young Monk - Bhutan

BendnMove is located at 3270 California AVE SW, Suite A

George Perrou @ Click! Design That Fits

March 12, 2015

Inspired by mid-century animation, George Perrou's 'Mod-Culture' art gives nods to Miro, Kandinsky and Calder. Channeling the the Hanna-Barbera and Warner Bros. cartoons of his youth, Perrou's is a style all his own, painting colorful abstractions of reality onto the canvas using retro and modern colors in acrylic. 

Click! Design That Fits is located at 4540 California Ave SW

Aiva Leff @ Cupcake Royale

March 12, 2015

Aiva Leff will be featured tonight at Cupcake Royale.

Artist Statement:
​I fell in love with the great outdoors, nature, and the act of creating art. Starting from a very young age I have spent a fair amount of time traveling, and moving, exposing me to the many elements of nature as well as juxtaposing geometric architecture in each city. These two elements have thus inspired my creative vision and subject matter, Nature and Geometry. I see a leaf or rock and figure out a way I can incorporate it in a piece of jewelry or artistic image. Currently my recent berth of work incorporates natural casting in Bronze and Silver jewelry as well as geometric shaped rings. 
​Currently my two favorite mediums are jewelry and printmaking however, this has morphed through out my lifetime. I always go back jewelry and metal though. I love the wear-ability of jewelry as an art form. It doesn't hide in a closet or home, but is worn for the world to see and enjoy. The coming about of my organic Jewelry style came quite naturally. My environment and lifestyle choices directed my work. I am drawn to the shapes and meaning of certain natural elements including seeds and pods, leaves, grass, mosses that give off new life and energy. 
I have incorporated these seeds into bronze rings and texturized grass blade dramatic cuffs. These pieces all have a great weight to them, a sort of therapeutic weight and feel. I’ve also created a series of geometric shaped jewelry to juxtapose all the nature in my pieces. These contrasting elements also represent all the small towns, (nature), and cities (geometry and architecture), I’ve lived in, moving around a lot as a child and young adult. 
​In my most recent printmaking series, I took 35mm film images and created texturized prints using abstract shapes including rugged rocks, with leaf shapes in subdues browns and golden colors, I also created in the same series a print based off Mexican leaves incorporating turquoise, coral, and green. By creating abstract textures I am able to portray the way I see nature. Until nature stops existing and cities are not being built, I will continue to replicate my surroundings in my own artistic vision, for this brings me joy.
Cupcake Royale is located at 4556 California Ave SW

SIEGE @ Windermere

March 12, 2015

SIEGE is a native of the Pacific Northwest : Lakeside '81 - Evergreen BA '85 - Cornish BFA '91

Artist Statement:
Known as an artist even way back in grade school, and taken with racing instead of regular sports, a non-standard kid. Two tours of duty through college; Film Production first, Fine Art second. Copperplate Printing to Japanese Woodcut to Oil Pastel, and finally to canvas. But 97% of artists quit Art as a career; I have been determined never to do that.  
The painter should never explain his paintings- ever - for any reason. The art has to do all the talking- but off the record I often say "industrial figurative."  I work on a paper surface on top of canvas with a strong graphic element including typography and atmospheric graphs. 
All are worked into the mix as compositional elements. Depending on the light, and mood of the viewer, it is possible to see something new with every viewing. 
I am told my technique of applying and manipulating paint is unorthodox. The surface is pushed, pulled, scratched, scraped, and "attacked," before I then uses an industrial belt sander to grind away at the results. And I build my own frames out of recycled cedar and industrial material. 
I will be on hand March 12th 6-9pm to TALK ART~! 
Windermere is located at 4526 California Ave SW

Eric Carson, Mark Daughhetee, Jenny Fillius @ ArtsWest

March 12, 2015

With sculpture, drawing and painting, Eric Carson, Mark Daughhetee, and Jenny Fillius each work with found mythology to suggest themes of reclamation and devotion in our contemporary world.

Eric Carson uses the format of the mandala [the Hindu/Buddhist ritualistic design that organizes a spiritual experience in visual terms] to symbolically connect the world’s religions to each other, and to comment on the intersection of those beliefs with political and cultural issues. The way these line-based drawings are made—as well as their content—suggests a hybrid of references, from Western cartoons to Hieronymus Bosch to Hindu devotional painting. Carson writes, “These pieces present insight traditions around the world as petals of the same flower, not creeds to divide by or kill for.”

Mark Daughhetee’s Stations series of assemblage sculptures pay homage to old TV shows like Bonanza and The Lawrence Welk Show. Plastic cowboys stand stoically among clumps of hobby shop moss under a peaked roof. The format is reminiscent of compositions from the Renaissance and inspired by roadside memorials, as well as Thai spirit houses. Humor, child-like reverence for TV, and manhood (as defined by old Hollywood) are the main characters. Daughhetee writes, “Like one’s journey through life, each television program, in its turn, occupied center stage for a while and left when the curtain fell for the last time.”

Describing her process, Jenny Fillius writes “Being observant, anything can trigger an idea—an overheard expression, something on the street, an experience, the metal, a broken tin toy; literally anything.” Fillius finds and repurposes decorative sheet metal in the form of broken toys and used tin food containers to make sculptures suggestive of the retablos of Mexican folk art. Since most of the metal Fillius uses appears to have come from one’s childhood, or one’s parent’s childhood, the narratives that ensue are partly-articulated hints that nostalgia has gone awry in some way that we in 2015 are privy to.

ArtsWest is located at 4711 California Ave SW

Neicy Frey @ Capers

March 12, 2015

Like many creative people, Neicy Frey has her hands in a lot of pies. She currently works as a studio artist in Spokane. In a nutshell, Neicy likes to have her hands in the creation of beautiful environments and experiences. Her work is created in her home studio, on-site for clients in the Pacific Northwest, and remotely via internet and phone with clients around the globe. Pieces in her newest collection, Forager Oracle, are sensual portraits of larger than life mushrooms.

Just in time for spring foraging! Stop in to Capers for a sip and a snack and be inspired by Neicy Frey's moving interpretation of the beauty found on the forest floors of The Pacific Northwest.

Capers is located at 4525 California Ave SW

Taylor Reed @ Wallflower Custom Framing

March 12, 2015

Taylor Reed is a local Oil Painter and Photographer from the South Sound, living in Longbranch, WA. She is inspired by the intricacies and perfections found in nature and the Northwest .

In 2003 she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from The Laguna College of Art and Design with a focus on environmental paintings. Over the years she has been torn between her two loves, painting and photography, but has come to a place where she can really enjoy both worlds... letting them play back and forth off of each other.

Most recently she has been inspired by gold, silver and copper leafing combined with oils, sometimes using it as a mere accent, and others to fill the canvas with the warmth that it brings.

Wallflower Custom Framing is located at 4735 42nd Ave SW

Leah Hemberry Ricketts @ Emerald Water Anglers

March 12, 2015

Leah Hemberry Ricketts is a photographer and mixed media artist. Her work was recently featured in The Flyfish Journal.

Emerald Water Anglers is located at 4502 42nd Ave SW Suite A

Shannon Koszyk @ Twilight Gallery

March 12, 2015

Audaces Fortuna Invat: The Work of Shannon Koszyk
March 4th - April 5th, 2014

“Audaces Fortuna Invat” Latin to English reads, “Fortune Favors The Bold” – a fitting motto for West Seattle-based designer Shannon Koszyk, whose work will be on display at Twilight Gallery, 
March 4th – April 5th

Reception for the artist is Saturday, March 28th, 6 to 9pm.

Koszyk’s work finds strength and beauty in the unconventional with an affinity for juxtaposing luxury and grit.

A kind of gothic anthropologist, Koszyk is drawn to antiquity, every piece has it’s own history with a contemporary twist. Crucifixes that have been worn smooth over the years, coins that have passed through many people’s hands, heavy oxidized sterling chains and tumbled beads become both ethereal fantasia with a rugged toughness. Meticulously handcrafted within each piece, Shannon finds the perfect balance between spirituality and elegance, boldness and grace.

A selection of jewelry, clothing design, painting and pieces for the home will be on view.

There will also be a Trunk show with Jonquil & Mr. Black

Twilight Gallery is located at 4306 SW Alaska St

Michael Doyle @ VAIN

March 12, 2015

Michael Doyle was raised in West Seattle and has been showing his art in the neighborhood and greater Seattle area for 15 years. His most recent show was at Anthropologie.

"32 Teacups," his new new collection of illustrations for VAIN, was inspired by vintage storybook art, the lives and times of his favorite authors and dearest friends, and the nature that surrounds him. The show is about secrets, dreams and time travel. Think Agatha Christie meets magic realism, or Zora Neale Hurston solving murder mysteries with Margaret Wise Brown in Lincoln Park.

The opening reception will feature tea party-themed snacks as well as cocktails served in vintage teacups.

Art will be on display through March and April.

VAIN is located at 4513 California Ave SW

Kim M. @ West Seattle Cellars

March 12, 2015

West Seattle Cellars is excited to present the work of Kim M for March Art Walk. 

Artist Bio:
I have been creating artwork for years in various mediums. About five years ago I was introduced to the art of relief printmaking and never looked back. I love the versatility of this medium. 
My work is inspired by the beauty found in nature. It may be a wisp of a cloud or a creature with a vibrant personality. Each color pigment is an original blend to create one of a kind color. I print on natural fiber paper which adds a unique and organic element to each print. Each piece is hand drawn, carved, and then printed by hand with limited reproductions.

I hope you enjoy,
On this Thursday’s Art Walk night, our weekly free tasting will feature French wines from in and around the region of Burgundy. We’ll have an inviting selection of reds and whites on hand to sample while you enjoy the artwork of Kim M.

West Seattle Cellars is located at 6026 California Ave. SW

Ten Hundred @ Cupcake Royale

February 12, 2015

Ten Hundred (Peter Robinson) is an artist and designer from Seattle, WA. He specializes in bright, colorful, imaginative character work. He is inspired by cartoons and anime, street art and graffiti, childlike imagination, comics, world cultures, religions, and folklore. He spends his time creating fine art, gallery shows, clothing, toys and figurines, designing art for businesses, and creating large murals. Recently he has done work with Nordstrom, Converse, Jet Blue, Caffe Vita, Sasquatch music festival and more.

Cupcake Royale is located at 4556 California Ave SW

Rena Haveson @ Windermere Gallery

February 12, 2015

Kim Tingley is proud to have Rena Haveson as the featured artist for February at the Windermere Gallery.

Rena Haveson has been painting for 25 years. She began her education at Boston University studying Art and Art History. From 1988 to 1996 she owned and operated an art gallery in Pittsburgh, PA., displaying works by contemporary American painters, including her own.

Strong color and passion for life are evident in her work. Subject matter is often expressionistic, using landscape and dreamscapes. She often uses a palette knife or collage techniques to enrich the canvas. This is to allow the viewer to constantly wander in and out of reality while perceiving the painting. There may be copper wire or found objects imbedded into the canvas to surprise or humor the viewer. The paint is built up with layers of acrylic and oil and then it is painted over again so that there is a sense of mystery of what was before, beneath the layers of paint.

Windermere is located at 4526 California Ave SW

Jesse Link @ Locöl Barley & Vine

February 12, 2015

Jesse Link was born and raised in an small steel town outside of Pittsburgh P.A.. He graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh with a degree in Industrial Design and studied graphic design at West Liberty University. Jesse also fought in Operation Iraqi Freedom and spent a couple years in New Orleans helping the Post Katrina re-construction effort. In 2007, Jesse moved to Seattle, WA and to pursue Visual Art as a career. 

Since that time he has participated in numerous Solo and group exhibitions in galleries throughout Washington and California, has been awarded two public projects from the Seattle Office of Arts and Culture and has been invited to participate in many juried Art festivals, including the Bellevue Festival of the Arts, Bumbershoot and Folklife. Jesse has also completed commission work for Target and Apptio.

Locöl Barley & Vine is located at 7902 35th Ave SW

Patty Haller, Ingrid Lahti, Edward Lee, Trung Pham @ ArtsWest

February 12, 2015

On Capturing Transient Bodies
January 15 - March 7
Reception and Artist Talks Thursday February 26th, 6-9pm

This first exhibition of the new year is comprised of four artists who set out to capture what cannot be captured and then humbly offer evidence of their attempts in the form of paintings and installation.

Patty Haller’s landscape paintings seem to vibrate around the places they portray. Colors haven’t quite settled into themselves (in a good way), and the surface buzzes with layers of marks. Like the painting surface haunted by its markmaking history, the landscape she portrays has a rather haunted history as well: “The paintings are inspired by Ebey Beach on Whidbey Island. Isaac Ebey was a homesteader who was captured by Haida tribesmen and beheaded, his head sent back in a box to his homestead!”

With a background of deep study in both Theology and Art, Trung Pham’s series of Crack paintings make visible references to both art history and philosophy. They look like abstract expressionist color field paintings cut open. The cracks could be wounds, or peepholes. His statement for the series reads like a poem: “a narrow break, an opening, a sharp cut… a split second, an eruption… a stunning transformation, a rupture… a vulnerable flaw…”

Ingrid Lahti’s site-specific installation “M81, 2015” is based on images of Galaxy M81 (about 12 million light years away) gleaned from the Hubble Telescope via the freely accessible At approximately five by eight feet, the installation’s scale is large enough to envelop the human body, while the materials used are themselves insignificant, everyday materials such as orange stickers or simple white pins.

A 95 year old Seattle artist trained in traditional Chinese painting methods, Edward Lee’s painting process is a conversation between East and West. Lee experiments with new materials and processes with more abandon than many art students, while still maintaining his practice of revisiting familiar places using more traditional painting. He writes of his painting Moonlight: “A midnight stroll leads me to this lotus pond where I sit quietly listening to the song of the moonlight. It sings an ancient tune from my childhood from a long, long time ago.”

ArtsWest is located at 4711 California Ave SW

Heidi Ehrenberg @ Wallflower Custom Framing

February 12, 2015

My inspiration for this series came from a small abstract painting I saw several years ago. It's lines, shapes, colors, and textures made me think of a totem. I wondered what it might look like if the format was changed to be narrow, vertical, more like a totem. I've done that, allowing myself to play and explore my version of totems. Some of these works are representational, others more subtle and abstract. The titles help to convey my connection to each piece.
Valentine's Day Heart cookies, wine, and coffee provided by the Admiral Bird!
Wallflower Custom Framing is located at 4735 42nd Ave SW

Holly Ballard Martz @ Northwest Encaustic in The Building

February 12, 2015

The artwork of Holly Ballard Martz will be featured at Northwest Encaustic within The Building. Holly is an encaustic painter and print artist.

Northwest Encaustic in The Building is located at 7150 44th Ave SW (side entrance to "The Building" on Othello and 44th)

To learn more about the space and artists at The Building check out last month's write up in the West Seattle Blog

Kate Petty @ West Seattle Cellars

February 12, 2015

Through oil paints, pastels, and encaustic (pigmented beeswax), Seattle native Kate Petty seeks to convey a kind of meaningful chaos where meticulousness meets uninhibited expression. She is drawn to organic matter and processes but likes structure and boundaries (sometimes fleeting or illusory), lines dividing and joining spaces. Her work explores themes of transition and impermanence, and her paintings often reflect landscapes, emotional and otherwise. See more at

We’re excited to exhibit Kate’s work in the shop this month. She is a long-time customer and friend of the shop and we’ve featured her work several times in the past. On Art Walk night in February we’ll be featuring French wines from Chloe Wines. We’ll have a tasty line-up for you to sample while you enjoy new artwork from Kate Petty.

West Seattle Cellars is located at 6026 California Ave. SW

Jonathan Marquardt @ Emerald Water Anglers

February 12, 2015

Emerald Water Anglers will be featuring Jonathan Marquardt of BadAxe Designs.

Artist Bio
I have been a fisherman and an artist as long as I can remember. My father, Tom, taught me everything I know about fishing and took me to my first fly fishing school at the Blue Quill Angler in Evergreen, Colorado. It is my father's love of fishing that you will see in all of my designs. My work is for everyone who loves the outdoors and natural things. While I love catching big fish as much as the next guy, I will take a small stream and a small fish on a small rod all day long. 
My primary medium is linocut printmaking, both single color and more detailed multi-color reductions. Printmaking is detailed, satisfying and sometimes very frustrating. I start each print by sketching the image in reverse onto the face of the block. I then use a series of sharp gouges to carve out the areas where ink should not cover the paper. Each print is a hand-made piece of art and is numbered in a limited series. 
To break the cycle I like to work in oils and watercolors, especially when traveling, and you will see these works on my page as well. I find inspiration in so many places and always travel with some method to record what I see.

Emerald Water Anglers is located at 4502 42nd Ave SW Suite A

Flora Carlile-Kovacs @ The Building

January 8, 2015

Flora Carlile-Kovacs will have her studio, within The Building, open during tonights Art Walk. Stop by and check out her beautiful creations.

Artist Statement:

Nemez is the Hungarian word for an ancient textile proces using wool fibers, water, and vigorous kneading, the end product being a durable, unwoven material: felt.

I knew I had found my medium and perhaps my life's profession as well when, after long experimentation, I began to recognize what possibilities working with wool holds in terms of surface textures, densities and colors, in both two and three dimensions. I experimented with different grades and qualities of wool and various processes, from the soft, magical silk-and-merino layers of nunofilc to the hard, durable traditional raw-wool nemez and its modern applications. 

Felt-making is painting and sculpture combined. The combinations of colors and the different qualities and applications of wool hold vast possibilities, and the textures, forms, and effects which can be obtained through the introduction of 'foriegn' materials (i.e: other textiles, organic materials, wire and metallic thread, beads, stones, etc.) are virtually endless. Felt as an expressive medium is conducive to an instinctive and spontaneous creative process for both beginners and veteran felters. 

My personal creative process is one of constant experimentation, and the gratification of creating beautiful objects is enhanced when I feel that others can appreciate these magical qualities and processes.

The Building is located at 4315 SW Othello St.

Alexander Riding @ Chaco Canyon Cafe LLC

January 8, 2015

Alexander Riding will be featured at Chaco Canyon Cafe for January Art Walk.

Chaco Canyon Cafe LLC is located at 3770 SW Slaska St

Stephanie Hargrave @ Capers

January 8, 2015

Stephanie Hargrave has been both painting and working in clay since college, where she studied color theory, ceramics, sculpture, drawing and painting. She started a line of functional ceramics as a small business in 1997 after studying with Carol Gouthro, and has worked with metal, oil paint, and acrylic paint over the years, but her medium of choice is beeswax.She learned a great deal from studying with Jef Gunn and Larry Caulkins at Pratt Fine Arts Center, and began teaching at Pratt using wax as an element in sculptural collage with Rickie Wolfe. Encaustic has been her focus for the last ten years. It is the one medium that affords all the other materials she has worked in to overlap and inform one another.

Capers is located at 4525 California Ave SW

Holiday Mini Art Exhibit Part II @ Twilight Gallery & Boutique

January 8, 2015

Holiday Mini Art Exhibit Part II. All artwork is under 250.00 with 20% during art walk only!

Featuring the work of:
  • Joseph Brooks (Seattle)
  • Sarah Midkiff (North Carolina)
  • Meghan Kukull (Seattle)
  • Rhodora Jacob (Seattle)
  • Brooke Borcherding (Seattle)
  • Angelina Tolentino (Seattle)
  • Sarah Barrick (Seattle)
  • La Macón by Shari Noble (Seattle)
  • Idle Hands Designs (Seattle)
  • Mary Enslow (Seattle)
  • Kristina Cullen (Seattle)
  • Braden Duncan (Seattle)
  • The Kiln Witch (Seattle)
  • Kate Protage (Seattle)
  • Elijah Evenson (Seattle)
  • Idle Hands (Seattle)
  • Dionea Nadir (Seattle)
  • Ryder Evan Robison (Idaho)
Twilight Gallery & Boutique is located at 4306 SW Alaska St.

Ryan Sharpe @ Emerald Water Anglers

January 8, 2015

Ryan Sharpe is an artist who works in a number of mediums, including metal, pen/ink, paper and others. His fishing related art has garnered attention in a number of venues. Ryan is based in North Carolina.

Emerald Water Anglers is located 4502 42nd Ave SW Suite A

Christina Miglino @ Locöl Barley & Vine

January 8, 2015

Christina Miglino is a Washington native. She started off as a dancer, actor, and choreographer in New York, and San Francisco. In SF, she coined her name, conjuremovement, as a title for anything she made performance or otherwise. Eventually, her work became much more visually focused. Christina believes that, "There is no performance without the observer just as their is no visual art without the same." The audience is vital to the work.

In general her work is 2nd, 3rd, and 57th chances... It's about meditating on the human experience, those unconscious threads. And, spinning new life into the old or discarded.

This show is called, "face's face," which comes from a stupid joke some of my friends and I used to say. " in your face's face." It makes me think of the mirrored self and all we can learn from looking into our own eyes. Why not?

Locöl Barley & Vine is located at 7902 35th Ave SW

Tim Cross & Mugi Takei @ Arts West

January 8, 2015

Big Little Self
Tim Cross & Mugi Takei
Nov 20, 2014 - Jan 10, 2015
“My little self can only make artworks to resolve the distance between my imagination and what I can never touch.” 
Tim Cross
“I longed for intimacy with and within everything and anything. I wanted to see each and every microscopic structure of being. I wanted to see through my lover’s eyes into his soul. I wanted to see cells breathing in plants. Ultimately, I wanted to see something I couldn’t see. Slowly within me those kinds of urges disappeared and something lighter took over.” 
Mugi Takei

Tim Cross’s large scale (in the range of 5 – 8 feet) works are created by transferring Laser and Xerox prints to silk using matte medium. Imagery suggestive of 1970’s sci-fi rocket ship parts, water, the surface of the moon, and abstract shapes and patterns reverberate off each other in compositions that function more as paintings than collages. 

Mugi Takei’s watercolor paintings, too, seem to transcend their materials; the bodies of color read more like earth, blood, and water than they do pigments from a tube. Girls with swollen bellies lie submerged under oceans and commune with human-sized plant beings covered in thousands of quivering hairs. Both artists make work from a place of acknowledging and questioning the size and shape of their own selves in the face of what they perceive is possible.

Arts West is located at 4711 California Ave SW

Holly Ballard Martz @ Northwest Encaustic in The Building

January 8, 2015

The artwork of Holly Ballard Martz will be featured at Northwest Encaustic within The Building. Holly is an encaustic painter and print artist.

To learn more about the space and artists at The Building check out their recent write up in the West Seattle Blog

Northwest Encaustic in The Building is located at 4316 SW Othello St.

The Puny Picture Show, extended dance version @ Wallflower Custom Framing

January 8, 2015

The Puny Picture Show is held over through January. Pick out your favorite Puny piece, and help an animal at the same time! Proceeds from the show benefit Pasado's Safe Haven.

Wallflower Custom Framing is located at 4735 42nd Ave SW

George Perrou @ Click! Design That Fits

January 8, 2015

New work by George Perrou at Click!

Inspired by mid-century animation, George Perrou's 'Mod-Culture' art gives nods to Miro, Kandinsky and Calder. Channeling the the Hanna-Barbera and Warner Bros. cartoons of his youth, Perrou's is a style all his own, painting colorful abstractions of reality onto the canvas using retro and modern colors in acrylic.

Click! Design That Fits is located at 4540 California Ave SW

1st Quarter Art Walk - 2015

January 4, 2015

Welcome to another year of West Seattle Art Walk. We look forward to seeing everyone out and about this coming Thursday. Check out the new postcard and walking map now.

Bill Reiswig & Andy McConnell @ Windermere

December 11, 2014

Windermere is excited this December to welcome two West Seattle artists onto its walls, featuring the sumi-e ink and watercolor paintings of Bill Reiswig and framed wood sculpture of Andy McConnell. 

Our December Artwalk also features a Pop-Up Holiday Sale featuring the work of 6 other artists: Photography from Holli Margell, fire-etched wood scultpures and ornaments from Toni Wells, sculpture, drawings and jewelry from Noelle Congdon, paintings from Jennifer Carrasco.

All this, and we will feature wines from highly-regarded Charles Smith Winery!

Bill Reiswig’s sumi-e ink and watercolor paintings on wood panels are a departure from the printwork he usually focuses on. They are of northwest landscapes and animal-life and use ink and sparing color on handmade paper that has been attached to wood panels.

Bill’s statement:

My use of sumi-e ink and watercolor this winter is an desire to get away from the very planned work of wood-block printmaking. In these paintings I am focused on the wet-in-wet movement of ink on the paper in the mist, clouds, waters, landscapes and vegetation of Washington. I am interested in the connection in Japanese art between sumi painting and woodblock prints and in the next year I aim to use sumi-e ink paintings as the basis of new woodblock work. 

Andy McConnell’s series of painted wood sculptures was inspired by the desire to create something beautiful from the interesting scrap lumber he intercepts as a carpenter.

Andy’s statement:

(One) summer, I took a week off from work to incorporate my trove of scrap into my art (usually egg tempera on flat Masonite). After a week, I had several wine boxes filled with small, painted wood and had hit a creative dead end. Frustrated, I started messing around with a piece of wood I had rejected because it had split apart..... and then I was on to something! So typical of life and art; the value and beauty hides in places we reject or don't notice.

This series was heavily influenced by my friend, the Northwest poet, Robert Sund's "Blanket Paintings." ​

Kim Tingley with Windermere is located at 4526 California Ave. SW